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  ASDA-A2-E EtherCAT

Delta’s ASDA-A2-E is an advanced AC Servo Drive with an EtherCAT communication Interface. EtherCAT is the fastest, most efficient and open, deterministic control network available in the market making it ideal for servo motion control. Complies with IEC standards to enable faster, real-time, and accurate performance in high-end applications. The ASDA-A2-E follows in the footsteps of the successful ASDA-A2 series. This new A2-E supports all modes of CoE device profile based on CiA402, and all command types of EtherCAT. In addition to the EtherCAT communication function, A2-E integrates the Safe Torque Off (STO), short synchronous communication cycle time, and on-board wiring for extension digital input port making A2-E ideal for multi-axis synchronized machine automation applications. The series covers a wide range of power to drive the motors from 400W to 7.5kW for 480VAC, and 100W to 3kW for 240VAC.
Connects to Delta’s AH10EMC EtherCAT controller master device. Complete machine automation control is possible on one deterministic control network to achieve synchronization between Servo Axis, I/O points, VFD, and PLC/Motion programs.
Complete EtherCAT platform solutions
Connects to 3rd party EtherCAT controller master devices. Pre-tested to support integrated functionality with “Trio Motion Technology's” model MC464 and MC4N.
100W ~ 7.5kW power range
200-240 and 400-480VAC input voltage versions available
Based on industrial Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), open technology
Supports all the modes of CoE device profile based on CiA402
Complies with IEC61158 and IEC61800-7 standards
Flexible topology and wiring. Simple configuration. Redundancy support (ring topology).
Distributed clock (DC) synchronization for Real time communication
Conformance Tested (CT) for EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG)
Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function according to the standards of: IEC61508, SIL2; IEC62061, SILCL2; ISO13849-1, CAT3 PL=d.
Touch probe function can be enabled with two dedicated Digital Input (DI) on CN7 or the external encoder.
High bandwidth: 1kHz
High encoder resolution: 20 bits (1,280,000 / rev.)
Absolute encoder supported: 17 bits
Full Closed loop Control built-in (for secondary feedback)
Download the ASDA-A2-E Catalog for ordering and selection information.
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