AC/DC Adapters
  AC/DC Adapters
Delta group is the global leading producer for power supply, We have pursued the mission: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow." for decades. and the MPBG, which provide the total power management solution for notebook, communication and other external power source applications in Delta group, produce over 200M pieces per year, share about 45% worldwide.

Our product are provided for worldwide best-known brand. we strive to design environmentally friendly products, and we research and develop high-efficiency, very compact size and a low profile AC adaptors, All models feature fully RoHS、REACH and WEEE recycling compliance.
Product List
  ADP-40PH AB  
  ADP-45VD BB  
  ADP-65JH BB  
  ADP-90MD BB  
  ADP-120ZB BB  
  ADP-135FB B  
  ADP-150TB B  
  ADP-180NB BC  
  ADP-230EB T  
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