DLP Video Wall Cubes
  DLP Video Wall Cubes
Available in 50”, 52", 67”, 70”, 72” and 80" diagonal sizes with resolutions ranging from XGA to WUXGA, Delta’s video wall cubes are a space-saving solution that offers many efficient and cost-effective features for control rooms, operation centers, management centers and many other mission-critical environments.
  Features & Benefits:
Redundant LED light sources and power
Superior color uniformity
Six-axis adjustment for perfect alignment
Auto geometry alignment for quick installation
Network diagnostics and control
Traffic Management
Energy (Oil and Gas)
Emergency Operations Center
Utilities & Process Control
Product List
  50-inch Slim HD  
  52-inch Slim WUXGA  
  70-inch Slim HD  
  72-inch Slim WUXGA  
  50-inch XGA/SXGA+  
  67-inch XGA/SXGA+  
  70-inch HD  
  80-inch XGA/SXGA+  
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