Smart Campus Solution
  Smart Campus Solution

Delta's innovations for future campuses integrate several core technologies – interactive projection, networking, and energy management – to provide a smart, energy-efficient solution. This also fulfills our mission: "To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow."
Intelligent Learning
Cloud Learning Management System (LMS)
eLibrary and online examination
Cross-platform mobile learning application
eEditor for online content development
Intelligent Classroom Solution
NovoPRO: a next-generation wireless presentation and collaboration system
Interactive Ultra-Short-Throw Projector with ultra-short-throw technology and interactive whiteboard functionality
Support for pre-class, in-class and post-class learning activities
WOWBoard WideXreme Interactivity display system
Multi-sized, fully interactive, seamless canvas
Enable users to visualize and collaborate instantly with finger-touch, interactive pen, and wireless content sharing capabilities
Distance Learning Live Broadcasting Platform
Online video/audio interaction for learning and teaching
Support one to one, one to many , class to class connections
Class recording and playback
Energy Education Program
Prepare teaching materials and content
Implement the energy education and energy management into schools’
Integrate the energy usage and conservation, and change students behavior to contribute to saving energy

Green Energy Management
Delta Energy Online
Energy Monitoring and Management platform
Detect and collect comprehensive information while supporting a wide variety of I/O information
Real-time and historical energy data display, data analysis reports, device management, and system monitoring
Intelligent Process & Management System (iPEMS)
Provides real-time visualized information, alarm, and data linkage
Integrates intelligent versatile data mining and analysis to support effective decision-making processes and re-establish harmony between humans and nature
Datacenter Infrastructure Solution
Integrated power supply and distribution for optimal power management
Highly efficient, energy-saving cooling technology
Smart, modular design for optimizing space utilization
Achieves a 25% reduction in energy use and a PUE of less than 1.5
Green Server Rack Solution
Integrates server, storage, switch, power, rack products, and cooling system to deliver application-optimized, end-to-end solutions for an organization server room
Decreases overall power consumption per rack by 25% compared to a traditional rack
Maximizes computer density, flexibility, manageability and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
Energy-Saving Elevator Upgrade
Adopts Delta's Power Regenerative Units REG2000 series for the elevator
Converts external forces and gravity during deceleration into reusable energy
Delivers 38% energy savings

Security Surveillance
Dynamic Facial Recognition System
Fast dynamic facial recognition within 0.2 seconds
Highly accurate multiple targets facial recognition
Instantly filter blacklist individuals with real-time alarm
Virtual Wall System
Real-time alarm and notification through video surveillance and analysis
Lower manpower costs and loss caused by incidents
Integration of CCTV, access control, personnel and police systems
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