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Smart Hybrid Cooling System
  Smart Hybrid Cooling System
Delta Smart Cooling System takes advantage of daily & seasonal temperature differences. When outside ambient are low, the system saves energy by cooling the container or shelter with the ventilation system.

As outside ambient temperatures increase, the air conditioning unit is automatically brought onlline. The hybrid control system assures consistent temperature control of critical equipment, while significantly reducing energy use and optimizing operating costs.

Delta's Smart Cooling System has three modes of operation:

-- Hybrid mode: CCM5 controller's logic reduces energy consumption by selecting ventilation over A/C when ambient conditions are right.
-- Ventilation only: Cools with ventilation only.
-- Air conditioning only: Cools with air conditioning only.
  KEY Features:
Air ventilation + active cooling equipped with advanced thermal control logic to optimize energy consumption and avoid water condensation
Multi-mode climate controls
Embedded microprocessor control
Automatic A/C "smart option"
Remote alarm capability
Easy to read LCD Display
Simple configuration via RS 232
Payback, as short as 6 Months
Simple installation and easy to control
Optimum utilization of natural resources
Reduces air conditioning energy cost up to 80%
Telecom shelters with climate control
Military shelters with climate control
Oil pump-jack control cabinets
Utility cabinets & shelters

Catalog - Delta_Microgrid v1.0.pdf (14.4MB)
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