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Letter from the Chairman and CEO
People might not see the correlation between Delta and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21). In_fact, Delta’s longterm commitment is: “To provide innovative, clean and energyefficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, by utilizing its innovative technologies, products and services. At the end of 2015, the world was focused on COP21 in Paris, France, which was the next historic turning point for global action on climate change, after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997.

Prior to COP21, Delta published the book: “Delta’s Plan for Action”, which puts together the company's environmental commitment, that promotes climate action projects, expresses our concerns for climate change issues, and advances our international impact. In response to the Climate Disclosure Project, Delta made three commitments to “We Mean Business”, which were: disclose climate change information, influence carbon reduction policies, and voluntarily reduce carbon emissions. To voluntarily reduce carbon emissions, Delta has committed to reducing its electricity intensity by an additional 30% by 2020. This follows reduction of electricity intensity at its main manufacturing facilities by 50% from 2009 to 2014. Delta is expanding this commitment to its entire operations, including offices and datacenters. In response to global warming, all members of Delta participate in energy-saving actions to the greatest extent possible.

Delta shared its dedication to carbon reduction and its experience in green buildings at COP21. Delta presented the “Delta21@ COP21” exhibition to showcase our 21 green buildings and hosted forum discussions with UN members. It was an opportunity to showcase Delta’s efforts on the world stage. Invited by the German Pavilion of UNFCCC COP21, Delta joined the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Climate Alliance, and the University of Leeds, to organize a UN side event that calledon countries to value the benefits of energy efficiency and further reduce carbon emissions. Being part of the esteemed German Pavilion and voicing our opinion was a unique opportunity for Delta, and even for Taiwan. As Delta was the only corporate representative at this conference, all participants truly valued our field experience. As they seek to understand how technology can provide effective energy-saving solutions to alleviate global warming.

At the forums, we shared how Delta has aligned its business development with worldwide efforts in global carbon reduction. We described our core technologies and capabilities in electricity and electronics, and how we have developed many leading high efficiency power supply products. Our message was that Delta sets the benchmark for energy-saving, and actively participates in or develops energy management standards. We also seek to contribute positively to climate change policies, including concrete corporate performance, raising public awareness and dedication to corporate social responsibility.

During the “Delta21@ COP21” exhibition we presented a comprehensive record of the 21 green buildings Delta has constructed in the past ten years, as well as our energy-saving products and solutions. We also shared our experience in energy efficiency by promoting green buildings in the international arena.

Almost 200 countries unanimously passed the influential COP21 agreement. This new agreement on global greenhouse gas reductions is legally binding after the Kyoto Protocol. Annual assistance of at least USD 100 billion will help developing countries to deal with climate change issues, and assist in the construction or improvement of relevant infrastructure and facilities. The conclusion of the conference also means future business opportunities for us. Delta’s corporate commitment, products, technologies and solutions are all in alignment with international demand. We can be assured that there is an emerging demand for smart buildings, smart factories, and sustainable cities, as we endeavor to develop more effective and energy-efficient products and services.

From business management, product design, daily operations, office and plant buildings to social participation, Delta always adheres to its corporate commitment: “To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient savings for a better tomorrow”. Combining leading technologies in power saving and core businesses with corporate social responsibility, Delta continuously strives to create value for mankind while seeking sustainable growth for the company.

For years we have endeavored to carry out a strategic combination of corporate social responsibility(CSR) with company operations. A CSR Committee organized by our top management team has set up CSR Guidelines and reviews implementation results of respective CSR projects. The future focus of Delta is to combine our continuing global deployment with deepening local development. We continue to actively promote CSR locally to fulfill our global corporate citizenship.

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