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Communication with Stakeholders
Communication with stakeholders is fundamental to CSR fulfillment. As a corporate citizen, Delta communicates with stakeholders through comprehensive channels to understand and respond to their needs in a timely manner. Delta has adopted the following mechanisms to communicate with stakeholders. The key issues of stakeholder concern are identified with materiality analysis, so that we can take the necessary responsive action and enrich the content of our information disclosures.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders in Delta’s operations include customers, suppliers, investors (shareholders), government organizations, communities, the media, industry associations, non-profit organizations, research institutions and employees. Based on local and international trends in sustainable development as well as the needs of business operations, the Delta CSR Board has defined our major stakeholders to be employees, customers, suppliers, investors (shareholders) and communities.

Stakeholder Issues and Interests

Delta analyzes the significance of sustainable development issues based on GRI G4 and the process is described below:

Step 1: List sustainable development issues related to Delta and most issues are the materials aspects of GRI G4. We then refer to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other international sustainability appraisals to conclude 17 issues for investigation.

Step2: Review the boundaries of 17 issues, including operations, R&D and production sites, and define the material boundary based on the operation scale and impact of the issues.

Step3: Identify the issues that stakeholders care about through an opinion survey of stakeholders. The major stakeholders of Delta are the subjects, including employees, customers, suppliers, investors and communities. 1-2 employee(s) of main business units and every operation site was/were invited as employee representative(s) and 10-25 organization representatives of each category were invited to express opinions as external stakeholders. The response rate of external stakeholders was 60% or higher.

Step4: The representatives of the CSR Committee work group assess the impact of each issue on Delta based on professional examination of the questionnaires.

Step5: The issues were graded high, middle and low based on the degree of attention by stakeholders and the impact on operations. Important issues relating to stakeholders and the Company were defined and disclosed frequently in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report to make them the major working goals for corporate social responsibility in the future.

Stakeholder Issues and Channels for Communication

Results of Stakeholder Materiality Analysis
The results of stakeholder materiality analysis showed that the seven most important issues of stakeholder concern and Delta include: corporate governance, innovative R&D, brand management, environment policy/management systems, green operation, human rights of laborers, and occupational safety and health.
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