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Letter from the Founder
Dear friends and colleagues,

By the end of the 20th century, people had awakened to the severity of the impact of technical and industrial development on the natural environment. After continued scientific research, we can be fairly certain that excessive emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are causing global warming. The increased frequency and severity of natural disasters around the world are better without triggered by climate change.

In recent years, the vision and initiative of many corporate leaders and long-term stakeholders in the corporate sector has become more directed toward social responsibility. Many corporations have recognized that an economic system relying on fossil fuels will not be able to cope with the threat of global warming. More than 4,000 companies worldwide have signed numerous agreements on carbon reduction. After the “Paris Agreement” is passed, all countries must individually submit a “Nationally Determined Contributions” report dealing with climate change. Even so, the total target of Nationally Determined Contributions set by all countries would still increase the global average temperature by 2.7°C by the end of this century. While this is much lower than the previously estimated 4.8°C, it still exceeds 2°C, which climate scientists have identified as the threshold for preventing catastrophic effects such as food shortages, droughts, scarce potable water, air pollution, extreme weather, ocean acidification, the spread of infectious diseases and ecosystem breakdowns.

The Delta Group has long been aware of the adverse impact of climate change. Our long term focus is thus to flight climate change and dedicate ourselves to corporate social responsibility. Delta Electronics Foundation participated in the 2014 UN Climate Change Conference (COP20) side event in Lima Peru, and we have actively participated in the “UN Climate Change Conference (COP21)” in Paris, France. Delta has not only responded to the “Commit to Action” initiative of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), but has also joined “We Mean Business”, a coalition of organizations working with 556 of the world’s most influential businesses and investors with the aim of inspiring a low carbon revolution. The total annual revenue of the coalition is over USD 7.8 trillion, and its economic strength is 15 times that of Taiwan’s GDP.

In response to the public’s concerns on climate change, Delta has developed many green technology products that are energy saving and can protect the environment. Delta organizes its products into three categories: Power Electronics, Energy Management, “Smart. Green. Life”. In recent years, Delta has integrated many of the group’s resources, to provide integrated solutions.

An example of a recent renewable energy solution is Delta’s participation in the construction of the world’s third largest solar power plant in Nevada, USA. The total area of this solar plant is 6.48 million m2. Delta installed 10,348 heliostats of 10.5m x 10.5m size each. This project generates 110 MW of power (1,760 MWhrs per day, and over 500 GWhrs per year), providing power for 75,000 U.S. homes. The energy saving reduces CO2 emissions by 280,000 tons. The core technology is a heliostat tracking system with sensors that perform real time monitoring, and control reported location via software computation, along with a transmission mechanism for tracking mirrors that turn according to the angle variation of solar radiation received.

The cost of building and wiring the solar plant was significantly lower due to a simpler system structure with fewer components, as well as a lower cost for maintenance and human capital. Delta integrated its existing industrial automation products, switching power supplies, power storage, and internet and system management software technologies. The result provides a smart automation design and solution, that produces green energy, and contributes to a better and less polluted environment for mankind.

Delta commissioned a new building at the end of 2015 for our Americas headquarters in Fremont, California. This building integrates a ground source heat pumping system. During the cold season, when the surface temperature is lower than the constant underground temperature (about 70°F/21°C) this system sends heat from the ground to the building’s interior. During the hot season, when surface temperatures are higher than the underground temperature, the system transfers heat from the building to the ground, and brings cool temperatures stored in the ground back to the building, which cools the building interior to a comfortable temperature. This ground source heat pump system is connected to equipment such as a bi-directional radiant heating and cooling system, as well as an energy-saving converter. The system has 92 miles (about 147 kilometers) of plumbing in the ground, building floor and ceiling. The plumbing area equals the area of five American football stadiums, and there is an active chilled beam hanging from the ceiling, as well as a radiant floor and photovoltaic panels on the roof. The building’s annual electricity consumption is lower than the solar power it generates, and it meets the high standards of “Net Zero Energy”.

This example demonstrates the large potential for carbon reduction through energy saving. With suitable policy incentives, necessary regulation controls, and a pricing mechanism reflecting the external costs of pollution, energy saving can not only be a key solution for climate change related issues, but can also increase employment opportunities, bringing a bright future for the low carbon economy.

In addition, Delta actively launched an online open learning platform-DeltaMOOCx, which serves as a medium enabling experts to use online technology to spread their influence, while providing more learning resources for more students, and narrowing the gap between the urban and rural areas. The goal is to closely connect industrial development and technical and vocational education. To date, DeltaMOOCx has created 1,200 learning videos, been browsed by over 200,000 people, gained 45 participating schools, and received more than 8,000 registrations.

Facing a constantly changing global industrial and economic environment, enterprises need to develop commercial opportunities, innovate, and evolve continuously before every significant change in the industrial environment . We must select and develop products and services that are competitive and meet the demands of the market. Delta continues to fulfill our corporate commitment “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” and to promote and create a smart green life.
Founder and Honorary Chairman
Delta Group
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